El Apasionado (The Passionate Man) is the result of an idea composed of three different purposes. The first one is to share with the readers everything that I have passionately created throughout the past few years. Among these creations there are hundreds of art photographs, three full novels —one already published and another one near completion— as well as over forty short stories, nearly half of which were collected in a book edited in 2012. The second one is to provide a service for all those who might be interested consisting in analyses, summaries and reviews on albums, musicals and books by a passionate man who has loved good music and literature since childhood. And the third one is to offer a journalistic approach to both local and international issues. All men are political, and I have always striven to find a place from where I could be heard. This website will be the perfect medium to convey my views, which visitors are invited to either share or contest using their own judgment.

However, I don’t want this site to be regarded as individualistic or simply as a forum to display my works. My greatest wish is to foster participation in it. That’s why I hope that everybody gives their opinions, whether they be positive or negative, on all topics discussed here as long as they are expressed with the proper respect. I hope those who visit it will see it as their own and come back to read the updates and state their points of view. That is why I want to publish the works (photography, literature, opinion) of all those who want to post on the website. Thus, it won’t belong just to me, but to all of us, generating an environment of freedom, creativity and participation where we can all share as partners in peace and harmony.

El Apasionado must grow out of the passion of readers, the love of people and the work of all of us. That is the true purpose of this website.

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